Full-Page Ad in Four Bucharest Dailies

By Robert Laughlin


A few prejudiced men with stakes destroyed part of our past. In the name of unreasoning fear and an intolerant faith, the vampire was driven to extinction. Generations since have never known the once-proud symbol of the Transylvanian mountains. The overhead flutter of sable wings, the baying of wolf packs in the night, the peal of distant screaming—gone forever.

But it need not be forever. The Transylvanian Nature Conservancy has developed a plan to restore the vampire to its historic range in five present-day European countries. The few survivors of the vampire pogrom, hiding among the employees of all-night blood banks around the world, are being sought to establish viable mating populations. Your donation to the Conservancy will finance the vampire’s return to its native domain in the Transylvanian watershed. Our plan calls for the purchase of nesting habitat in ruined castles and disused cemeteries, as well as the eradication of priests, scholarly folklorists and other invasive predators. Donations may be mailed to the address provided below or made through our website. Please give generously, so that the work of the Conservancy will be more than just a pale hope.

© Robert Laughlin