Decay for Hollywood! (To the tune of “Hooray for Hollywood!”)
Decay for Hollywood!
Our present, now-senescent Hollywood!
Where a producer pays
To ransom Fiji
For stars and CG
And pays ten cents for a script!
Where twenty sequels
And fifteen prequels
Spring from anything that’s not nondescript!
Decay for Hollywood!
A place where quality is slain for good!
Where more concern is shown
For merchandising
And advertising
Than making films as they should!
Poor Oscar grew so bored
He fell onto his sword!
Decay for Hollywood!

© Robert Laughlin

BIO: Robert Laughlin lives in Chico, California, and is a frequent contributor to Eskimo Pie. Two of his short stories are MWA Notable Stories, and his novel, Vow of Silence, was favorably reviewed by Publishers Weekly. His website is at