Isabelle’s Way

            “I need your decision by tomorrow,” Ben demanded.

            “I don’t understand why getting plastic surgery is related in any way to acting,” Isabelle retorted.

            “Well, trust me it would be best for you,” he stated. “It’ll increase your chance of success since you will have the whole package. Looks and skills have a lot to do with popularity. I asked about this weeks ago, you should have decided by now.”

He picked up a phone call and then quickly walked away. Isabelle was in the practice room of the Jackson Acting Company, which was known as the best company for aspiring actors and actresses. Ben is the manager of recruitment, dealing with new recruits in the agency and developing them into future entertainers. He was known for bringing many to fame, such as Emma Stone and Tom Hanks.

“I know this company is the best shot I have to succeed in this career, but getting plastic surgery is a life-changing decision that I don’t want to even consider,” she muttered as she glared at Ben’s back. “I’m going to get some fresh air and think it through.”

She went into the nearby cafe, and as she approached the register the cashier said, “Hey Isabelle! Do you want the regular?”

“Huh? Sorry,” Isabelle stuttered. “Not today! I want a stronger coffee, so a large Americano with a club sandwich. Thanks!”

“Got it. Your total is thirteen dollars and fifty cents. You alright?” the cashier asked.

“Yeah, I am. Just got to make a choice about something at work,” Isabelle said as she handed her card to the cashier.

“Here’s your receipt and I hope everything goes well. See you next time!”

Right when she sat down with her food, she received a phone call. She groaned and picked it up. “What is it, Ben?”

“Decided yet? I’ve already given you so much time to think since the last time we talked,” Ben demanded.

“It has only been an hour since we have talked. You said I have until tomorrow. At least keep your word to that and I’ll tell you then,” Isabelle responded back sassily.

“Let me be direct with you. Your jaw is too square making you look manly. Your hooked nose gives off a witch aura. Those are the two main features we need to fix. While we are at it though, let’s get a cheek enhancement surgery and botox into the T-zone,” Ben nonchalantly said.  


“As I said, your acting’s great, but we can’t put your success on the line with your looks. If you’re worried about if it will look unnatural, don’t worry. Dr. Peterson is known for his confidentiality and has done a stunning job for hundreds of well-known celebrities. Take Emma Stone for instance, you can’t tell she got her nose done, right?”

“Ben, first I haven’t even signed an actress contract with Jackson Company, only a recruitment contract. In section five that talks about beauty adjustments it says nowhere-”

“Don’t worry. I already made a consultation appointment tomorrow evening,” Ben assured. “I have a meeting to go to now. See you tomorrow.” Ben hung up.

“You know what. I’ve decided my mind,” fumed Isabelle under her breath. “I can’t deal with this company and their demanding requests that don’t even go along with the recruitment contract. They think that I don’t know anything about contracts? I was about to go to law school before I changed to this career path. Just wait until tomorrow; I am going to terminate the recruitment contract.”

The next day Ben entered the studio and saw Isabelle waiting. “Isabelle! Let’s get ready to go; you’ve made the right decision.”

“No. According to the recruitment contract in section five on beauty adjustments, it only addresses fitness and diet plans, not face plans. Besides the fact you guys are breaking the statements in the contract, my opinion isn’t even considered here. All I hear is the suggesting of plastic surgery procedures. I’m going to terminate the recruitment contract. According to the contract, in section twelve, it states ‘in cases of termination on term of recruit’s call to action, the fee results in a thousand dollars.’ I’ll pay up front and it will get to you automatically.”

“Isabelle. Wait. Just think about it. With your skills and changed-”

“No,” Isabelle flatly said. “I’m already looking around for other agencies so bye Ben. Good luck finding another aspiring actress who is more willing to conform to your irrational decisions.”


© Jane Lee


Bio: Jane Lee loves having her alone time, which is eating chips while watching a show in bed. Trying out different ethnic food is the only activity valued over the comfort of her bed. Yelp can be considered as Jane’s right hand.