Bakery in Paris


It all started when Lorenzo went into the bakery on twenty-first street, in the Fifth Arrondissement, Paris. He just wanted a baguette and maybe some coffee, and it turned into this–four broken little elegant wooden cafe chairs, one unconscious and bloodied man, and one cowering baker. 

Lorenzo reached down to give her a hand where she lay crouched in the dusty tiled corner of the cute little shop. At least it was the day after Bastille Day, and everything was quiet. 

Had Lorenzo not been there, there would have been one fewer unconscious man, but possibly one dead shopkeeper, and definitely a robbery. 

Lorenzo still counted this as a win.


Julia Lesel


Bio: Julia Lesel has a passion for nature and travel, a country-heart always challenged by life in the big city. She has a masters in psychology, always trying to get to the root of the human experience. She loves to hike, cook, and read (especially Anne Rice).