Romp in the Gardens of Rural Chianti, Italy


The moon in mid-day shimmered behind a vale of wild sunflowers, 

reached for the day, 

now caught in a different scene, 

yet utterly delightful.

A little farmhouse, pale yellow, 

with wooden shutters and brick double-crested forked chimney. 

Geraniums spilled from the sides of open windows.

Upon return to the garden,

the sunflower, crisp and yellow, 

so passionate on the eyes, 

now missing chunks of petals, so that it lacked radial symmetry. 

a hole eaten from its body core. 



Julia Lesel


Bio: Julia Lesel has a passion for nature and travel, a country-heart always challenged by life in the big city. She has a Master's in psychology, always trying to get to the root of the human experience. She loves to hike, cook, and read (especially Anne Rice).