A Fresh Air of Thoughts


A crisp autumn day

drifted through the salty summer air


I tuned in to the sounds of crackling leaves

as the autumn background eased my eyes.


I fell asleep, soundly

drifting off into another world.


Serenity of nature had me soothed

and refreshed my nervous state.


It calmed me

lifting my mind beyond the clouds.


I was feeling under the weather,

scattered and thundered before, with no relief.


But now I am a new person,

refreshed and rejuvenated.


My thoughts are no longer out of my control.

The world is in my hands.


Annie Lin


Bio:  Ever since she was young, Annie Lin has been doing all kinds of outdoors activities, including hiking and biking. Drawn to the atmosphere of nature, she keeps busy with figuring out the animal shapes of clouds and learning more about cultures beyond the city life. She is frequently out in the sun, often finding herself coming home with an awful tan.