The pale glow emanated from a lightbulb as a man sat at his table, pondering on his thoughts while snacking on a bowl of Goldfish. His eyes bleary and lips dried, he choked down two more pills and washed them down with liquor. Suddenly, his thoughts were interrupted by a thud that had echoed from the other room.

Whos there!? he cried out. Im armed! Y-Youd better know that! he slurred as he stumbled


for his firearm.


Its Finn, the voice responded. You remember me, Eli, why dont you just take a look at that


bowl you got there.


Im not messin around! Leave me alone! Eli shouted as he pointed his revolver at the doorway. He reached over to his phone, gun still aimed, and dialed 911. His jittery fingers could barely manage to press the buttons, let alone grasp his gun. Then, as if on cue, a gargantuan goldfish tore through the darkness, shoving Eli.

911 what is your emergency? the operator questioned.


Help me! Theres a killer goldfish in my home! he hollered as three shots echoed through the house.

Officers rushed to the scene, guns drawn and radios blaring. Navigating through the house they saw the pool of blood that had trailed from the kitchen to the hall, with its source leaking from Elis body. Next to his corpse was the revolver and a single goldfish, along with a bottle of Oxycodone.

My God looks like another one. Harding, call the coroner. The officer spoke into his radio.


David Linares

BIO:  With a penchant for flannels, David Linares makes them his preferred style. He enjoys collecting an assortment of items ranging from vinyl to fossils. If hes not wandering through an antique store, hes most definitely at the park feeding the mallards.