Little Green Men (sung to the tune of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's "Ohio")

Wooden Indians and tin soldiers, 
little green men, 
playing in the field. 

Who's got the ball? 
Who drew those lines? 
Are you playing for your life? 

Names in stone. 

You never have too far to go, 
so take a little time, 
before you pull the trigger . . . back. 

Pray for flowers. 

And the marching band has lost its leader, 
falling out of line, 
stepping out of time, 
held together by a song that slowly dies. 

I was standing in the bleachers, 
covering my heart, 
as they buried you beneath . . . the stars. 

Pray for rain. 

Bullets in the sand. 
The taste of blood 
makes you thirst for . . . life. 

I was standing in a canteen, 
whiskey and cigarettes holding up the walls. 
Excitement dulls . . . your senses. 

Rapid fire and slow burns. 
Government regulations all you take 
if you come out alive. 
If you don't come out alive, 
you won't come back 
to Uncle Sam. 

If you come out alive, 
don't go back 
to Uncle Sam. 

Copyright EPG 7-11-93