One normal day, on the bed, I lay.

Staring at the white ceiling, blank

ItÕs the time I start to think

What is the goal of mine

That I could now possibly do

Play sports, sing songs, or simply just sleep


Trust your heart.

Let fate decide.


I always watch the blank, white sheet and become lost

Lost in the world of thought

Like Alice in Wonderland, I never get to understand

As I try to spend my time

Just reading books, watching videos, and playing games

ItÕs the moment I notice, notice the time that passes

ItÕs the moment I learn, learn about myself and the world

ItÕs the moment I regret, regret that I was lost


Trust your heart.

Let fate decide.


The time I undergo let me know

Maybe I donÕt have to decide and discover

Because one day, the blank white sheet will have colors

Which will make any problems no longer matter

The time and my heart will be the solver

So that I wonÕt get lost evermore


Trust your heart.

Let fate decide.


Credit: Two Worlds --by Phil Collins


© Kelly Liu


Bio:  Kelly Liu has been thinking and searching all the time. She travels a lot and learns different languages and cultures. When she gets lost, she plays basketball or she swims until she organizes her thoughts and arrives at the best solution. However, if the problem is never solved, she just goes to sleep.