The Soccer Match


I was about 9 when I played in a soccer team

In one particular game I made the best goal of my life

The world around me sounded like white noise while I concentrated and took the kick

The ball soared through the air and from afar in a blur

The ball reached the goal fast over the vast field in a stunning move


But  once the ball entered the goal, I heard comotion

Instead of cheers I heard shouting

It was then that I realized that I ŇscoredÓ in my teams goal

What made matters worse was that my team lost because of this

I may of felt sorry for letting my team down

But to my young mind,

I was more concerned with my perfect goal over ruining the game

I couldnŐt be blamed for making an amazing goal

I did manage to make a ball fly across the field after all

My happy moment definitely outweighed the screams from my team


© Steven Lopez


Bio:  Steven Lopez is a history and politics fanatic. He is knowledgeable in useless pop culture trivia and thinks he should do better things with his life. When he is not contemplating life he watches Ken Burns documentaries and reads science fiction novels.