A metaphor (a simple desire) if i wait

A metaphor a reason
So brilliant your smile
It lights the path for me
My own personal sunny day
Haven't had a cloud yet
I haven't noticed any
Gloomy skies grey and wet
Blues music days
I used to call it
Not sure if i would consider
Them the same
No metaphor there
I love to watch her
Silhouette dancing around
The flames,The hair,The dress
A metaphor, modern day Indian princess
Way too hot to be compared to dead head chick
Obviously possessed by a musical goddess
Moves to the rhythm flawless
She might as well
Have wings on her shoes
Let me describe it
A perfect place, A perfect night
Under a full moon
The music was just right
And I watched the perfect girl
And I knew she would be the
Perfect wife I could just tell
In that short amount of time
Metaphor for my life

© Eric Maddux