Safety in Stagnancy


As time goes by, some try to evolve

because staying stagnant doesnÕt satisfy us all.

Many may choose to plateau to avoid failure

only later to undermine those who succeeded.


The time is still young and there are countless paths.

Indecisiveness is what has made me stagnant.
My parents persist to push me one way

while my intuition knows that I have yet to hear my calling.


 My eyes ache from insomnia--

as I lie awake, wondering where IÕll be a year or ten from now.

Maybe I could cook culinary masterpieces to share with people.

Maybe IÕll become an artist,

so the minds of others could be in awe at what my hands can sculpt.


ThereÕs no tutorial to this life we have,

which is what makes it so precious.

In its purest form, we are all still finding our meaning.

Nobody has the answers to the cycle--

and it'd be best for it to stay that way.


© Chido Madu

BIO: Chido Madu loves finding ways to capture his imagination and thoughts into stories. Chido can be found in his community volunteering for his Church and his local daycare program. He makes an effort to use obstacles as outlets for inspiration and concepts as tools of creation.