Back in Time


The man stood up, trembling.  “No possible way,” he thought.  “No possible way that what I created actually worked.”  The man looked into the portal, shocked at the success of his development.  He had been working on a time travel device for over two years, but there had been no success.  Surprised at the success of his development, the man adjusted the year on his time-travel watch.  He had decided to go back to the year 1927 due to the man’s love for the Roaring 20’s of America.  He stepped through and was dragged through a portal with blinding light. The man opened his eyes once on solid ground, and looked around to see an empty warehouse.  The man got out of the building to see the bustling streets of Washington D.C., with virtually every male wearing a top hat and every car being large and bulky. The man walked through the city with nearly every single civilian staring at the man’s peculiar choice of clothing.  The man decided to see his favorite US president, the president during this time, Calvin Coolidge, and warn him that an upcoming economic collapse would start in 1929, and that Calvin Coolidge must run for re-election in 1928 in order to prevent it.. The man found his way to the capital and stood in front of the White House.  Just as he was walking towards the entrance, several Secret Service agents stopped the man in his tracks, suspicious. The agents asked the man what he was doing. The man replied that he wanted to see the President. The Secret Service replied that his request could not be fulfilled, not responding tenderly. The man refused to give up, and managed to sprint his way back into the White House once the Secret Service agents released him.  The man frantically searched the White House trying to find President Coolidge. After about two minutes, the man finally found President Coolidge in the Oval Office quietly looking outside. The man said, “President Coolidge, I have extremely urgent news for you. I am a time traveler from the year 2019. In the year 1929, there will be an economic crash, which will later become a total economic collapse. I tell you this because from where I come from, you did not run for re-election in 1928.  I need you to do so in order to prevent this catastrophe!” Coolidge looked at the man, not changing his facial expression at all or saying a word. The man heard the Secret Service agents running towards the Oval Office. “I must go, please pay attention to me, bye,” said the man, as he jumped into a portal back to 2019. The Secret Service agents slammed the door open just as the man left the year 1927. “Don’t worry,” said Coolidge, “I’m all right.” Coolidge contemplated what the man had said for the next week, and later decided to still not run in 1928.  The man returned to the future, shocked that nothing had changed.  


© Victor Magallanes