“I’m already at the restaurant, Mother,” I say into the phone while making my way into the restaurant lobby.

            “You better be there Lilith, you’re already twenty-eight and you’re still single. Please just do this for me. I’m getting old and I want to be a young grandmother,” my mother pleads through the phone causing me to roll my eyes. She’s only forty eight, she’s not even that old.

“And I promise that you’ll like him, he’s a businessman, I don’t remember what company but he makes good money. So when you guys get together you can stop working.” I cut her off before she continues  to complain about my work and talk about this guy's accomplishments.

“Mom, this better be the last one. After this you said that if I really don’t like this guy you’ll stop setting me up on these blind dates. And, can you stop complaining about my work. You know that I love what I do and how hard I worked to get to where I am,” I reprimand.

“I’m just saying Sweetie that he has the capability to support you both. And, before you go on talking about how you can support yourself just fine, at least you know he is financially stable which is always a must.”

“Just promise that this is the last one, and what’s this guy’s name anyways?”

“Uhm...you’ll find out at the restaurant and I promise that this is the last one. I got to go now Wweetie enjoy your date.”

Ugh, I can’t believe she hung up on me. What is she even busy doing?  She’s a stay-at-home mom! Making my way to the hostess, I tell her, "I have a reservation." As she’s leading me to my table I see a familiar man on the other side of the restaurant. As she leads me closer to the man I realize that it’s Ace, my ex-boyfriend. Are you fucking kidding me. What is he even doing back in New York?

Not even waiting to be led to my table, I run off to find the restroom. I finally find it under a big restroom sign and seek refuge inside as I combobulate my thoughts. I look at myself in the mirror and see a girl with dark eye bags staring back at me. Shit, ughhh I really don’t want to be here. Maybe, he didn’t see me. I rush out of the restroom, while trying to call my mom.

“The person you are calling is not available at this moment please leave a message after the beep...Beeeep.”

This woman!  What can you possible doing right now? Ughhhh!” Frustrated I text her that I can’t do the blind date today and will reschedule it for another day.

“Oww, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to run into you,” I ramble as I quickly make my way out of the restaurant.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Should I turn around? Or do I keep walking? Ohhh better yet, pretend I didn’t hear him. I go with the latter and continue to walk away picking up my speed. As I am walking to my car I hear him behind me calling my name and the heaviness of his footsteps begins to come closer.

You’re almost there Lilit,h just ten more feet.  Unlocking my car with my electronic key,  I pick up my pace and begin to jog. You’re doing great Lilith. Holy shit, I’m out of breath, I needa hit the gym soon. Brought out of my thoughts, an arm connected to a certain somebody I definitely did not want to see stopped me before I could reach my car door.

“I was so close.” I sigh and turn around to face my first love. “I’m sorry, but you're kind of in my way,” I politely say as I push his arm away from me and open my car door.

“Come on Lils, I just want to talk.”

“Oh I think you have the wrong person sir, my name is not Lils,” I spit in disgust. “Have a great day," I smile as I close the door and lock it. Why now of all days? Why does it have to be today? Relishing in the safety of my car, I lay my head on the wheel. A sudden ring scares me until I realize that it is just my phone.

“Hello,” I groan.

“I’m sorry? Is this Lilith?”

“This is she, may I help you?”

“Uhm Hello, this is your blind date Blake?”

My blind date! I totally forgot. “Oh fuck, Oh shit, Oh my gosh. I’m so sorry Blake, please excuse my french.” God dammit you donkey, can you not speak correctly.

“Haha, you’re fine Lilith or should I call you something else?”

“Oh Lilith is fine.  Is it okay if I call you Blake?”

“Of course,” he chuckles. Oh wait, how did he get my number?  

 “Uhmm, sorry but how did you get my number?”

“Oh well I couldn’t find you so I asked my mother and she sent me your number.”

Aww he sounds nervous. “Pfft, that sounds plausible. So when would you like to reschedule our date?”

“Tomorrow or maybe today..?”

“Eager aren't we,” I chuckled. “But, dinner sounds great.”

“Great, dinner it is. I’ll text you later then.”

“Okay, see you later then, Blake.” I hang up smiling when a banging on my car door pulls me from my thoughts.

“Pfft, Hey Ace you didn’t leave yet?” I look over to my somewhat jealous ex-boyfriend at my door.

“Who was that Lilith,” he demanded.

“What’s it to you," I say as I turn my car on and get ready to leave. “Now back away unless you want a squashed foot.”

“Come on, just talk to me.”

“Not a chance Ace, byee,” I scream while screeching out of the parking lot excited about my date tonight.   

© Jessica Mangapit

Bio:  Due to her three first names, Liza Jessica Marie, she enjoys messing around with people who get confused about it. While having a cruel sense of humor, she is very down-to-earth and sociable, often using her real life or creating experiences she can express in her writings.