Morning Walks


Morning Walks With You


Sweeter and wetter than fresh honey dew

Dancing and Prancing

Live action show for their morning commute

WeÕd walk and weÕd walk until the soles of our feet grew softer than soft.

Tea sweet like candy, only a dollar

How could you not tell I was just tryna holla?


Morning Walks With You


First one, then two, two times a week

WeÕd wake up so early so that we could meet.

Not a dime to your name, but you didnÕt mind.

Just as long as I came and we had plenty of time.

I could always make you laugh and you didnÕt know how.

You try to smile in the mornings, but usually frown.

Not with me though, you could never be down.

Floating higher and higher, we never touched the damn ground.


Morning Walks With You


At least I thought

Tryna hide my feelings. DidnÕt wanna get caught.

WeÕd walk and weÕd walk, but no longer talkedÉ

Because at this point we knew, my canvas ainÕt blue.

Each walk, each Wednesday, IÕd grow redder for you.

Red like the flowers you told me never to pick

They had lives of their own. They didnÕt wanna grow stiff.

Stiff in my hands with the best of intentions

She just wasnÕt ready for this damn intervention.

She knew in her heart. She was red. That was true.

ÒSorry though, Izzy, I could never for you.Ó


Morning Walks With Her


Lines of commune. They were finally dead.

She was jaded from the ideas I had put in her head.

ÒFriends we could be,Ó she always told me.

But my truth had to sting, of course I was lonely.

She took it all in, accepted our fate.

By cutting me off, I would never really wait.

Two years in counting, she shouldnÕt be doubting.

IÕll be here waiting, our Roots still left grounded.


Morning Walks With Her


Back right corner, thatÕs where youÕll find me.

You done reminiscing of what wasnÕt to be?


I say no Ôcuz IÕll never get out.

Trapped in this body, with no outgrowing spout.

My feels with no heals, these heels meant for walking

Walking. ThatÕs fine cuz I know weÕre not talking.


The Morning Walks Were Nice




Noskie Broskie


She said it mightÕve been nothing. I said we couldÕve been something.

ÒWe vibe together though, we got each other. IsnÕt that enough?Ó

Sweet and jealous like kiwi. Friendship from the vine

I said we could be next level. She said we still got time.

Talk and talk and talk. Sick of drawing chalk

See the bigger picture. This shouldnÕt be a shock.


I got pride for that, pay no mind to that.

But believe me if itÕs fire, IÕll make time for that.


Thought we were on the same vector

Eight months of that magical nectar

We were straight buzzing, bees on a bed of flowers

DidnÕt think pollination would take more than a couple hours

He said she said, more like she said she said

CouldnÕt wait any longer or the spark would be dead

I hit her with that blunt but she wasnÕt tryna smoke
Left me out here stranded, learning how to cope


I got pride for that, pay no mind to that.

But believe me if itÕs fire, IÕll make time for that.


Ben Franklin type electricity, late nights tapping typing,

It all felt fluid to me

I thought we could be more, but this pain just left me sore

Running this damn marathon when I shouldÕve been out the door

This feeling of dread, was it all in my head?

I guess I got my answer when you ended our iMessage thread.


I got pride for that, pay no mind to that.

But believe me if itÕs fire, IÕll make time for that.


© Izabella Manigault