I blink and the skies echo with the onslaught
of hundred fated crows moving rhythmically
closer- inching towards my standing body.
The waves as they crash against calcified corals
with intricate orifices and mystical patterns-
holding within them the great unknowns of our universe.
The night when I first saw you standing on the corner
breathing in your cigarette fumes
mysterious and tall, like the lamppost on a forbidden street.
The deep unholy plunge into the realms
I took, as leaps of faith and acts of kindness overtook the
distaste and beleaguer I felt.
The scars on her face, the stories and memories
held in the folds of her brain that will never be spoken
again, cremated with her individuality and esteem.
The day I decided that it was time to forgive,
the dˇnouement to the tragic catastrophe that
was our encounter.
The minutes that turned into hours,
the hours that turned into the days,
the days that turned into the lifetimes,
and the lifetimes that I wasted.


Beyond this world
in a place filled with stardust and Elysian matter
there exists my resting place- the final destination
for my eternally meandering soul.

Wearied of the turmoil, the incessant white noise,
the harassment and assault of this tumultuous life: 
I watch part of my psyche collapse into the
rubble of the dangerously hushed personalities.

Or perhaps it was hushed dangerous personalities.

Silenced forever, echoing screams of haunted pasts
that will be shunned by those who dare not let
the truth be exposed. In this dystopia of grief and
entrapment- only parts of us survive.

For now all the colours that once existed
conflate into a dull grey, the galaxies and stars shine
onto some other earth, leaving us in the dark and
despairing pits of our own dismay.

For as I walk those old destructed streets I once called home,
I see their vices spread- setting ablaze the childlike rhapsody that
once flourished. I look to the scarlet ground and the ruby tinted sky
and pray for my humanity and the words I lost to the fire.



Like new born stars
we explode before we shine
Like the stuff of dreams
thereÕs more than blood flowing in our veins
Like the open sea
sometimes we crash against the rocks
Like the glowing splint let back into the air
we rekindle into the night.

The paths we walk are drenched in darkness
the hollows with little illumination are where we belong
daughters of the night
we reign where man dare not go
we only surface to catch a glimpse
of a distant faithless soul meandering about
on the moon kissed midnight ocean shore.

TheyÕll never be ready for us
weÕre like the catastrophic force of nature.
When we walk in, alarms blare in the distance,
the borders come in all guns blazing.
WeÕre the ones the world gets warned about
renegades, forever walking this crust, with the intensity
of the mantle.

We donÕt belong here
yet we rule
We donÕt need you
yet we smile when youÕre near.
You crane your neck to see us when we walk by-
weÕre a revolution, not a phenomenon
youÕre like the flame, and weÕre like the fire.

© Divya Manikandan

Divya Manikandan is a resident of Bangalore, India, who is currently building her own poetic arsenal, painting as a form of meditation, and creating short films as a form of expression.  Literature is her means of escape from reality, however her reality has always been to become a surgeon.  Her work has been accepted by the Red Eft review and Plum Tree Tavern.