at some point
all the silly faces
giggles and laughter
will stop,
and my little girl
will look past me,
move on
for today though
this sunshine
and funny songs,
six-years and counting,
loves me to pieces
wish i could bottle up
her adoration
pure innocence
“yes mijita”
“i sang a new song today in school”
“you did, that’s great, sing it to me”
“i love my grandpa,
he loves me too…
we go to the park and  laugh and plaaayy
i love my grandpa,
he loves me toooo”
she stops, looks up at me
with that goofy smile,
my heart, in her tiny hands
“please, please, never grow up,”
i whisper
“what grandpa?”
“that was great mija,
sing it to me again”
© Charles Mariano   5/1/10