Yesterday, a story in the Sacramento Bee said a man saved another man from a horrible fire.  A man on the side of the road trapped in a burning car.  People standing there, frozen, watching him screaming, burning to death.  Suddenly, another car stops, a man jumps out, races into the flames, busts out the window, and pulls the man to safety. 


“He came out of nowhere,” a witness said, “like Superman!”


The newspaper didn’t say a Mexican immigrant who spoke no English, because he was.  It didn’t say he dove into the fire to save a white man.  It didn’t say a Catholic man saved a Christian man, or a poor man saved a rich man.  He was just a man.


Through a translator they asked this hero why he risked his life diving into the fire.  “He needed help, so I helped him,” he answered simply.


Not a brown face, or a purple face, a human face.  Able to leap religion, race, insane, stupid politics in a single bound.   More powerful than runaway hate,





© Charles Mariano