Sci-Fi Haiku


aliens war plan

bring back T. Rex herds to life

guess who extinct now


first contact

aliens name

kill humans


deserted spaceship

you sneak inside unaware

crew is invisible


alien spaceship

land on small lake with islands

then you flush toilet


alien spaceship

land in cooking pan on stove

spinach seems greener


“land there.” shouts captain

who would look for spaceship at

Roswell landing site


can of soylant green

alien army issue

blue the replacement


aliens emerge

with helmets & uniforms

ready for football?


Christmas lights display

in eastern Nebraska skies

large fleet of spaceships


strange dog did not stop

growing until giant size

and you are bite size


aliens detect

planet earth, their opinion

to little for life


most winters frozen

small comet strike wakes the dead

ancient monster free


© Denny E. Marshall (