Robot Haiku 


takes earth so long 

to find life on far planets 

only robots left 


government robots 

for repeat tardiness blame 

metal detectors 


small robot-hand drones 

under cover of darkness 

wrap tight around necks 


like most consumers 

own robot, yours the only one 

that not built on earth 


from a distant world 

robots invade planet earth 

alien hacker 


robot satellites 

low altitude shine like stars 

private skyboxes 


son buys girl robot 

starts clock and waits patiently 

eighteen-year countdown 


robot excited 

after waiting many years 

soon will be eighteen 


medical robots 

injected in body 

eject mutiny 


humans unaware 

of aliens army plan 

robots trees soldiers 


new robot laws pass 

cannot throw them away in 

landfills anymore 


new cell phone stolen 

in the future looked into 

by robot police


Denny E. Marshall