Light loud hard, in the make believe remind one of her own. Look, for her. Please.


  Went looking for an all night eatery after getting off work late in the wee hours. Fill Ôer up, with empty.  Always.  Soothing, comfort food in the middle of night. Please. Yes, more, please another. Donut after pancake.  Good. Her flea bitten room in the familiar clinging smell, wall hallway phone ringing looking for someone to answer looking for tall dark hair girl who wonÕt donÕt. Never right, one. Teeny tiny tv he gave her, wealthy for the poor.  WouldnÕt sleep with. No. Save it for others less fortunate. Find her own size. Not one that fits.


  Much more suited to that kind of excellence as opposed to other kind of one, lazy. Coming out, harsh light of day, hit. Sun on reality, she left in there. The red dress one with the just so no tax. Only lovely waft. Not suited to size ease. Only her. All.




© Neila Mezynski