Thanksgiving in My Home Town


The cold air nips my nose and cheeks

The days are getting shorter

The street lights glow so early now

Ah, yes, such is October.

A taste of winter yet to come

The leaves are falling down

Reminds me of the years gone by

Back in my home town.


A group of friendly, kindly souls

Thanksgiving dinner planned.

The Legion Hall was full by five

ÒCountryÓ was the band.

The ladies in the kitchen

Peeled and cooked and mashed

Volunteers, each one of them

Prepared this good repast.


Folks up in the city forget

What rural people know.

That itÕs not the car youÕre driving

Or the home youÕre going to show

That brings you joy and happiness

When all is said and done.

But friends and family gathered Ôround

ThanksgivingÕs just begun.




Thanksgiving on the Farm


Yesterday we chased the turkey

Today heÕs in the frig.

Tomorrow itÕs Thanksgiving

On our farm near TannerÕs Bridge.

My motherÕs in the kitchen

She gets in such a flap

Baking, cooking, cleaning house

For sure, a heart attack!


This year the harvestÕs over

And Dad can have some fun

HeÕll tease the neighbourÕs children

Before the mealÕs begun.

And sister and her boyfriend

What a silly pair they make

Holding hands, both star-struck

No seconds will they take.


But later when I go to bed

And think the day time through

I realize weÕve got it good

Not much that we canÕt do.

Good food, good friends, thereÕs plenty

Warm clothes to wear each day

And I thank the Lord for all we have

As in my room I lay.




Winter Winds


This morning as my children leave

A rush of cold blows in

The summerÕs gone, the trees are bare

The grain is in the bin.


The bus is late, the children wait

New hats and mitts askew

As fall gives up to winter

There is much for me to do.


ThereÕs calves to wean and bales to stack

And mending thatÕs been waiting

The house to clean, and after that

The LadiesÕ Aid starts meeting.


But winterÕs snow and winds that blow

Can also be enheartening

For country folk the time has come

From work theyÕll be departing.


TheyÕll win at whist and then enjoy

A coffee with their neighbours

And quilting bees where needles fly

And ladies share their labours.


But best of all, when night time falls

And all the chores are done

My family is at home with me

I feel we are as one.


For friends will come and friends will go

But families are forever

If winter brings them close to me

WeÕll welcome it together.


© Heather C. Miller


Bio:  Heather is a retired journalist who lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and enjoys writing fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry. Her email address is if any readers should care to comment on her writing.