Look into a mirror

And what do I see?

Is that how I appear

Or is that just me?


Putting up a smile

While hiding a frown

IÕll stay for a while

Until I fall down.


A sleepless night,

Another endless day

Keeps giving me a fright

IÕm just drifting away. 


A new source of light

Starts giving me hope.

IÕll learn how to fight

And never say nope.


Take a deep breath

And tune out the noise.

Appreciate my health

And see all the joys.


Look into a mirror

Now what do I see?

Is there anything to fear,

No itÕs just me.


© Laine Misaka


Bio:  Laine Aulani Misaka is a decent driver, yet has never learned to ride a bike. Being an acai bowl connoisseur, every year when she travels to Hawaii during the summer she is always searching for the best bowl. She took out animal products from her diet so everyone, even her basketball coaches, calls her Vegan instead of her actual name.