Monkey poets are known for screaming, howling and leaping around on stage. They are usually white males who are obsessed with sex and fascinated by their own bananas. Monkey poets are usually very short or very tall and are very competitive. They are very concerned with who has the biggest banana. They used to congregate at a midtown bookstore where they were presided over by The Monkey King who had a predilection for sitting on top of coffee tables and chattering loudly. Monkey poets normally hang out in packs of males and suffer from the Peter Pan Complex. For some strange reason, they have an affinity for science fiction, especially Edgar Rice Burroughs' stories. Monkeys have high levels of testosterone and are excellent ass kissers. You can be sure that if a famous poet comes to town, all the monkeys will be in attendance. Monkey poets dream of being on MTV. Fortunately for the listening and viewing public, Eskimo has gotten more air time than all the monkey poets put together. Eskimo has also published a poem in an anthology called "Monkey Rhythms" which was edited by an orangutan. Eskimo is actually a certified primate expert, and explains that technically, most of these monkeys are actually great apes. There are so many different kinds of monkey poets, that it will take a long time for Eskimo to complete this web page. However, for the moment, here are just a few of the monkey poets who reside in this fair town:

Gorilla Godzilla

Bubba the Babbling Jewish Baboon

Chump the Cheek-Kissing Chimp

Old Man (and the sea) Orangutan

Kerowhack A Banana Macaque

Why Don't You Shut Up and Grow Up Gibbon

Misogynist Buffoon (a new subspecies)

Did Eskimo mention that monkey poets like to drink a lot?