To watch the grass grow taller,

To listen how dew

Is being sucked up

By thirsty rose buds,

To speak to the early bird

On its solitary flight,

And hush up the flock of noisy jackdaws

Spoiling the spell of the dawn;

     Is it a privilege

     Or sheer stupidity?

Born two centuries too late,

I can only mourn over my fate,

Wait for the sun to rise higher

And touch my weary face

In consolation.




Crust of Dust

Crust of dust in thick layer

Over my brain

Pressing all thoughts down

Stomping on them

Laughing at my failure

To shake it off


Crust of dust over my heart

Squeezing it hard, ready to start

Crushing what seemed to be

The most essential part

Of my being, tearing it apart


Crust of dust killing feelings,

Hopes, wishes, dreams – stealing

Them all, leaving the soul

Naked and small

Losing identity,

Shrinking to nonentity


Soul without it all –

Like a man without call

And a night without dawn,

Like a house lacking a wall,

Ready to fall –

The soul is no more.




Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time

A long long time ago

The grass seemed greener

Trees grew taller

Days were longer

But nights – shorter

Stars twinkled brighter in the sky;

Do you know why?

I would like to know

Why it appeared so fine

That life of mine –

Once upon a time…




One More

The skies are crying tonight,

They weep over the soul

For which the time is right

To leave the body, be bold,

As that way it can`t last any more,

Enough with lies and deceit,

Betrayal, disdain, conceit,

Enough with fallacious conviction –

Supreme being, that`s all-powerful me.


The skies are crying tonight,

They know it is not right:

The world now is inhabited

With one more “Feelings Limited."


© Ivy Monte