A Bird Ready To Sing
Like a pennant waving
in the dawn's breeze
you came as if fluttering
to the earth guided by
the light in the sky,
lifted on a cold gust
mellowing in the day
while the warmth melts
the grey snow in your
heart. Still you shine
maybe not as strong
as the waxing sun,
but bright as August
before the red maple
leaves of autumn
come. A peace spills
forth when I see you
arrive and the subtle
scent of heather
spreads like kindness
in the air. I touch you
knowing you are like
a bird in the rain
ready to sing.

The Blushing Sun
In the morning,
light gently stole
me from a dream
and I saw the blushing
sun rise above me
the fresh air clearing
my heart of harsh
reason and worry.
A healing began in
me and I walked
the tree of life
patiently, the road
growing brighter
in sweet silence
my spirit breathing
in the peace tacitly,
rising within. I chose
the curve in the path,
the twilight slowly
starring my vision.
I see the graceful
arc of the moon and
it smiles upon me as
if to say live among
my children.

A Sweetness In The Breeze
Wait for the mute
snow to patiently
cease, wait for the
red winged cardinals
to clear for the winter
and you will know a
stillness in the air,
a sweetness in the
breeze. Go where
the river water is
dark and thick with
starlight on its surface
while the shadowed
moon above shyly
peeks glinting around
you with arms of love
reflected by the river's
edge as you listent to
it quietly speak. Let
it lead you on open
pathways in the dark
so you'll learn how
to live discovering
deep inside you that
a wild iris grows.

©  Bobbi Sinha-Morey

Bio: I am a book reviewer and movie reviewer for the online magazine Specusphere, and I'm a poet. My poetry has appeared in places such as Falling Star Magazine, Poet's Espresso, Poetry Cemetery, Autumn Leaves, Smile, and ken*again, among others. Plus my latest books of poetry, The Quiet Scent Of Jasmine and Stillness In The Garden Of Light, are available at ebooksonthe.net.