(Photo of Elaine Morgan-Taylor)





It was a journey that began with a leap

And now in tiny steps I creep


Sometimes I stumble, sometimes I fall

But your hand reaches out as I call


Emotions pull me one way then another

And tears come tumbling down


Why did it have to be me

Why did it happen at all

You lose your cool and then are sorry

But thereÕs nothing to be sorry for


God decided in his wisdom

I was strong to carry all


But IÕm not alone upon this journey

For two are taking it together


IÕm still the same person deep inside

With all my hopes and dreams


IÕm still a part of this wonderful life

And always will be


All I need is you by my side

To be my love, my friend,

My guide.




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My head hurts, my eyes are sore

I can hardly see

The tears run down

Like a gushing waterfall


You held me tight and

Whispered words that I

Could hardly hear

The need to run was very great


I was not sure where I was

The dream was still cradling me

It was so hot I could hardly breathe

And still the tears ran on


But itÕs a path I travel alone

Although youÕre always near

You understand,

And hold my hand

Then brush away the tears


You told me that you loved me

You loved me then

You love me now

And always will forever hold my hand






Sing me no sad songs

Play me no love tunes


The strings of this heart

Are sadly out of tune


No more will it listen

To tales of true love


For the strings

They have been broken



© Elaine Morgan-Taylor


Bio:  Elaine is retired and  she lives in the historic town of Pontefract, West Yorkshire.  She has a love of history and is tracing her family tree.  She often visits  Pontefract castle which is close to her home.  The peacefulness helps her gather her thoughts and create.  She first began telling short stories for her younger brother on their way to school  Later Elaine took a literature course which opened a new window in her life. She began to read poetry of many different styles and then began writing her own.  Her latest poems were penned after she was diagnosed with ParkinsonÕs. Elaine and her husband love traveling.