Lonely Like You

Now that another heart is broken
you are satisifed
Our tears make you laugh like a riddle on a summer evening
And all this time old man I thought you'd understand
The circle of abuse continues and you are strangely fullfilled
so it's over now are you happy?
Now that we suffer like you do
Now that I'm  lonely again like you
Fortunately even if you don't care Love is everywhere.

School of Life

I meant to get myself in school, and get myself in line, but the
everstraining, everchanging
school of life was taking too much time, what happened to my dreams, and all the things i planned, they went too
when you "yelled out your demands"
"yelled out your commands"
I've never been a soldier, I wasn't raised that way, Daddy tried to make me follow, instead
I followed my own way, and here it's led me back, and back again to the written word, and the ever  present desire to be understood and heard.
 I don't want to be different or to think about your head, if you can live with the normal ones, you might as well be dead
you'll dance and dance around in  constant
state of analyzation
 only rationalizing your failures
and dreams of cocreation, may stay just that.
 Dreams, it seems

© Theresa Munich