Audio poems from The Bad Seed by Dee Sunshine

Carry On Open Mic at Cush in Eugene, Oregon featuring Kit Chell

Michael Lee Johnson "Saskatchewan Sky"

H. M. Shephard

Kit Chell and Stone Cold Jazz

Jo Sommer - World Champion on the Didgeridoo

Robert Laughlin "Decay for Hollywood"

Suchoon Mo "Dance of Snow"

Carol Novack with Paul Toth "In the Beginning"

Dan Ruhrmanty "Zero Balance"

Three Halloween Songs by Robert Laughlin

Music poems by Michael Keshigian

Secret Songs Wrapped in Boxes by H. M. Shephard

Where Have All the Dancehalls Gone by Christopher Barnes, United Kingdom

Pavarotti on the Ward by R. D. Armstrong

Allegiance by Gil Waters

Tim Kahl reads/sings Ohrwurm: Agua de Beber - Listen or Read the Poem

A Donkey Goes to the Kentucky Derby by Suchoon Mo

The Thin Blue Line by Suchoon Mo

Dance Of A Shaman by Suchoon Mo

Dead Boy Blues by Sacramento Elvis

Swinger - a poem by Bob Stanley

A poem for Chuck Niles - Gato Clemente

Three Music Poems - Donnie B. Cox

Daisy, Daisy - a song poem by Stephen Morse

not Chet - a poem by Ed Jamieson, Jr.

Seein' Jazz - a poem by B. L. Kennedy

Little Green Men - anti-war song by Eskimo

A Blues for Billie Holiday - by Eskimo

This Blues - by b. james

One Frankenstein, Under God - Part 1 by b. james

Backstreet Girl - Eskimo song

Rap- Song Ala Gato

Poem for b.james by Phil Goldvarg

Encounter with John Lee Hooker by b.james

Eskimo Encounters with Vagabonds

Music Poem by Nancy Wallace -- Woman in Training

The Thin Blue Line - a song by Eskimo

Dissertation on Jazz/Blues by b.james

Poem for the Taco Shop Poets by Phil Goldvarg

Poetry Play List (poets on disk)

Poetry on the Radio and T.V.

Le Blue Note, Paris © Eskimo Pie Girl

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