A stone’s wish 


I stand in the middle

of a square, blinded

by the lights

approaching on all sides

by night, deafening

sounds of zooming

tyres by day.

jostling crowd

pouring in to see me

and be seen.


Monument, they

call me. Painted,

washed, brushed

sparkling clean

I look, yet,

missing the place I

once stood--

green, shaded, thick 

forest that never

allowed a ray of the sun

to touch my forehead, 

I cry.


I wish and yearn for the

perching birds,

sniffing hyenas,

stumbling rhino,

resting pride of lions

squirting on me to

mark their territory,

crawling-tickling snakes,

squirrels forgetting to

pick up buried nuts, and

ants marching around me.


© Thriveni C. Mysore 


Bio: Thriveni C. Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka, India. She loves nature poetry.