Monsoon Delayed

Beyond Brutal coronavirus

lit the fire sixteen months ago

flame getting brighter

each passing day

pyres now combined  

for lack of wood –

costly services


unthinkable funeral

situation for the living

relations of the

departed. Guilt struck

their hearts forever after,

game not over for both yet.


Bad omens, good karma

no longer matter

far away on the banks

of the river Ganga as

She threw up 71 bodies –

to be hid underground

collectively in a large pit

using JCB machine

Pure Ganga said:

No more bodies, only sins.

933.5 km away, an

ostrich that turned

her spoils in the ground 

exposing her best parts

tweeted again and again that

alllll isssssssssss weeellllllll.


Seven weather presenters

successively predict

southwest monsoon


the western ghats

in BBC forecast

yet no rains,

not a single drop

of rain for seven

days – an answered prayer.

‘May the monsoon be

delayed’, the sidewalk pyres keep

burning, rising smoke carrying

the smell of wood and camphor

to neighboring homes where

they wear masks not for fear of  

the virus but to lessen the

stench of death.


© Thriveni C Mysore