A caged life


I stood there, staring before a cage

That held a tiger, circuit at restless pace.

What a life for the beast of such rage!

A fate of such could make otherŐs heart race.


Born to strike terror, stalk prey, spurt with grace,

Elegance, diligence all but a dayŐs play,

Now it lay, held captive by barbed wire,

Born a tiger, and that was the only mistake.


A beast of beauty living life of pity,

Waiting for the food to be thrown,

A piece of meat, measured and torn,

A meal awaited that, neither filled nor left hungry.


What would it be to be born free?

Roaming in the wild at deliberate ease,

A gait that with none could agree,

Hunting to fill and not of sense to please.


Drinking, soaking, playing in divine water crease,

Find a shade, a mate and a family,

To live a balanced life with such ease

Even a foal agreed to the fair play.


Oh! How I pity!

A roar that once shook the ground was now a groan,

Once a majestic stride, shrunk to pace of agony,

Fierce glowing pair of eyes reflecting dull gloom,

A sensitive build that now lost sense of night and day,

A potent natureŐs joy leading pitied caged life.

Which is cruel? Hunting for prey or hunted for pride?


© Thriveni C. Mysore


Bio:  Ms Thriveni C Mysore is a science teacher from Karnataka, India. She is locally acknowledged for articles on ethics and philosophy. She writes poetry for passion.