Imagination Fades Away

ItŐs a heart, itŐs a train.

The shape of the clouds, she saw in her young eyes,

but now it fades away.

Looking up she sees nothing but plain white clouds.


Barbie and Ken.

Their sound used to be so lively to her,

but now the thought fades away.

Seeing them again, theyŐre just two plastic figurines.

Princes and princesses.

She would picture herself standing on a throne in her own castle,

but now that dream has faded away.

Worrying about what her ŇdreamÓ college is.


Frankie and Billy.

Her best of friends who stuck by her that only she could see,

but now they fade away.

And now she surrounds herself with fake Ňbest friends."


© Keona Nguyen