Four Haiku:  Life's a Puzzle



Everything in disarray

What's this all about?


A little bit solved

But it's not quite yet finished

You're only half way


It gets a bit rough

Can be frustrating at times

But hard work pays off


You made it so far

Finally reaching the last

But it's bittersweet.


© Elise Nguyen


Bio:  Elise is a loud and outgoing person from Cerritos, California. After high school, Elise plans on attending UC Santa Barbara, where she looks forward to her future in electrical and computer engineering, and hopes to create new advancements that could one day modernize the world. In her free time, she likes to run, work out, take pictures, play guitar, and listen to the soothing sounds of Island Reggae. When she’s not at home, you can find her riding the waves or tanning at a local beach with her close friends, who she calls her ohana. She also wants to travel the world and visit Hawaii twice a year in the future. Elise hopes to achieve all her dreams and aspirations and eventually start a family.