i'm the one fallen angels come to 

for their free opterorectomy 

i stitch flesh with drugged silk threads

and rape them in their unconscious slumber 

they wake and leave, thanking me 

as i swallow my vexation 

for if i'm them i'd never be dewinged 

but they'd soon in dozens visit 

mourning over their lost wings 

and their raped white innocences 

over cups of digoxined coffee 

while pulling the strings of my limits.




after all the boys we been through 

you went to the hole, picked a rash 

now the punctuation in your lies is deafening 

i've swam in waters under the bridge 

emerging something other than 

the G.U.Y you knew or that i used to be 

but possessed by Onryo, his flaming wrath 

for jealousy is the green whirlwind 

in which my plans boil and run 

as days flow into hot pots of atonement 

and all we ever were bleeds slowly 

trickling down white tiled stairs 

to invoke the spirit of your death

Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh


Bio:  Stephen Emmanuel Ogboh is a young Nigerian poet who loves writing about his observations and experiences. His works have appeared or are forthcoming in Tuck, Matador Review, Well of Excellence Magazine, Chelsea Review and elsewhere.