Meant To Be Mine


IÕm the one who padded over to the gates and flung them open

And watched as yellow light shined down on your slice of heaven.

It was sitting lonely, looking all delicious and sweet.

A fluffy red inside was covered with white cream cheese frosting.

White chocolate chips sprinkled over for good measure.

But you already know that since you brought it home.


I grasped the cold porcelain plate and breathed in the sickly sweet scent.

It begged to be eaten and I couldn't resist.

The taste dancing on my tongue was so rich and decadent.

I drank from a wine glass full of milk to help wash it all down.


I suppose that you were planning to eat and enjoy the dessert for yourself.

As did I hear you scream in horror when your slice of heaven wasn't to be found.

I watched you raid the fridge like a madman,

and denied every rightly placed accusation.


For this I am sorry.

Trust me. I truly am.

But it's not my fault I got there before you.

And the cake was tempting me,

telling me that we would make a greater pair.

It was simply meant to be.

Sorry dear brother, but the cake was mine from the start.


© Elohor Ojose


Bio:  Elohor Ojose often escapes from reality whenever there is a good book in hand. When she isnÕt crying over her favorite characterÕs death, sheÕs making up stories that sheÕll never write. Often times she is wasting money at Target and loses everything under her car seat.