Despair at Disneyland


       Pandora arrived at Disneyland to start her morning shift. With Pandora was a box that


she was going to give to one of her co-workers. Mickey Mouse saw her coming in through the


door and raced to greet her.


       "Open the box," said Pandora, "it's a gift for you."


       Mickey did as he was told and was surprised with a sponge and dish soap.


       "It's to help you wash the dirty dishes in the sink," smirked Pandora.


       Mickey looked over at the sink and saw a mountain of dirty dishes.


       "Are you kidding me? This is so unfair!" exclaimed Mickey in outrage.


       Pandora shrugged her shoulders and went off to take her post at Slash Mountain. Mickey


was furious; Pandora had forgotten his birthday. He washed all the dirty dishes, finished the


rest of his shift and went home. He opened the door to his house and saw Pandora with all of


his co-workers in the living room.


       "Surprise!," yelled all of them.


       Mickey screamed! He was so surprised!


       "I thought you guys had forgotten my birthday. Thank you so much!" gushed Mickey.


       "I tricked you didn't I?" Pandora asked with a smug smile.


       They all got together and Mickey opened his real gifts. As the party was ending they all


circled up to sing Mickey's favorite song.


       "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! It's the Mickey Mouse clubhouse! Come inside, it's fun inside!"


Munachimso B. Okoli


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On a typical weekend, she is glued to her couch, watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon.

Although it may seem a bit odd, Munachimso really enjoys talking about T.V. conspiracy theories.