Crooked Lover

I kiss you softly because iÕm tired

Of hearing you complain about your mother again

Would you believe me if I said I was in love?

Well IÕm not

And in your eyes I see sparks

Those small holes on your skull are tiny firepits

That leave no room for assumptions

Would you believe me if I said

You were the only one in my heart?

No! Because youÕd see the pale reflection of

My desires in my smile

You would know, that my teeth have been sculpted meticulously

By calculated lies, thatÕs why theyÕre so crooked


Why am I here?

I canÕt make eye contact, or speak to other people

Yes IÕm speaking to you

And yes this is insufferable

But these words arenÕt really me

IÕm speaking to you because I want you to

I am broken glass, shards of shameful humility

I am arrogant, cocky, prideful but

Those are just veils for my insecurities

You already knew that though,

I donÕt keep them well hidden on purpose

Because I want us all to keep our demons behind

Glass windows like a showcase

And I want to die, thereÕs no right way to bring that up

You can tell if you look into my eyes

People say theyÕre windows but I think theyÕre mirrors

You see your own fears in them donÕt you?

So why am I still here? My insomnia runs on that question

I have dreams, thatÕs what theyÕve told me, the ones who

Whisper in my ear

But thatÕs just pride, the lioness, talking to itself.

They can be accomplished by a child who has yet to be born

So why am I here?


I am nothing but night

Raised by a single mother, isnÕt that the stereotype?

But IÕm not one, still I live in a glass bubble

So where is he? No he didnÕt walk out on us without a goodbye

He walked out on life without a word

And I thought his body looked green in that casket

They say I was green too, when I arrived

Maybe weÕre both aliens, well we are both poets

So we are from another world

IÕm not waiting for him to wake up anymore

Though I might be him, IÕve considered it, dismissed it

And considered it again. But then who am I?

I donÕt know, but IÕm not who your news anchor says I am

IÕm different, unique but the same as you

That's what they want you to believe

But I'm not human, I've ceased to be

My flesh is the night but I am not darkness

DonÕt confuse us.

I'm not one of you, you may be a poet too but

I'm extraterrestrial and I've been wired differently

But who sewed me up? From what was I crafted?

All I know is that I am God, I am prophecy

That is to say, I am nothing

So who am I ?


© Sankara Olama-Yai