For the Dead


The city, teacher of life's bohemian

aromas, its streets, my catwalk,

the yodeling echoes of men

ready to break the day, my music. 


When I leave I'll yield to nothing,

not even the songbird's legato

coming from the mountains

staring at my city.



On Assignment


We met in the Secret Service.

On our first assignment 

we were briefed on the case 

of the kidnapped shoe.


At lunch Sebastian came over

to talk about life,

the one we see and

the one we live 

but never evoke. 


He took his shoe off,

demonstrated the kidnapping.

Suddenly, he brushed

my elbow with his finger. 


I found myself undressing, 

promising him every satisfaction. 

All he needed to do was allow me

to care for him for one year. 

If his desires were not fulfilled by then 

he could be unfaithful with any woman.  

I would watch them ignite my bed, humiliated.


Lorna?  Sorry Sebastian,

I was picturing the shoe

on wet asphalt.




Sergio Ortiz


Bio:  Ortiz has a B.A. in English literature from Inter-American University, and an M.A. in

philosophy from World University. He is a retired teacher.  His poems have been published

or are forthcoming in: Salt River Review, Yellow Medicine, Autumn Sky Poetry, Rust and Moth,

Presence-Haiku, Shamrock, 3LightsGallery, The Smoking Poet, The Journal of Truth and

Consequence, Ganymede, Collective Fallout, Breadcrumb Scabs, Mobius: The Journal of

Social Change, and The Driftwood Review.