An ocean

Of cold sweat

In a tide

Down his long spine

Narrow rivulets

On the parched ground


Darts of paints

Grey and agonizing

Contort his flabby face

Past his 33 years

A length of dreams

Lost in the bowel

Of hewn rocks.


He mirrors me

In the jungle

Of bleatings




Clammy hands

Calloused palms

And blue







Squeeze the strain out of your eyes.

Sun-dry your soul in endless mirth.

Life's short, art long.

Contort your mouth into giggles.

Bathe in the melody of songs.


Strain the dregs settled in the brows

Over your eyes carved in the gloom.

Leap for joy; let happiness bloom.

Paradise is short, hell long.

Do the tango, let laughter ring




When the curtains

Between colours

Are brought down

And the bar

Brought low

This furtive frown

On the brows of humanity

Will no more hunt Peace.

Let not the hue

Glued on a skin

Dictate your action

Nor the faction

Or the creed I lead

Tug the lids

Over your eyes


When polytical  banners

Under which we submit

Never wield a power

In the hearts of others

And thoughts of philosophy:

Capitalism, communism whatever

Blur into an understanding

We shall all laugh

At the folly

Of dichotomy

Pulling the wools

Over the eyes

Of love.


When you and I

Cut our veins

And find

Same blood

Coursing down

Or bludgeon

Our skulls

To see the same content

Or pinch our fleshes

With the points of facts

To know the hurt

We inflict

On our sensibilities

When love goes blind

And justice pale

To awaken understanding

When I see you

In my shoes

And you watch  me

Through the prism

Of humanity

We will hold hands

Through life

Like we are in love

From Adam

As little children

With no cares

In the whole world.



Nattie O'Sheggzy