The “Under card”


Like the anthropomorphic “underdog” with his shoe shining enterprise

and constantly needing to protect Polly Purebred’s bountiful form. “Are

you in trouble again Polly? Yes, “Undie”…”oh where, oh where has my

little dog”…”are you a man or a mouse?”


“Here I am to save the day.”…with poetic flow. A boxer mentality satisfied

with my position on the team.


Not the master of metaphor, throwing them out with such synchronized precision,

that no one ever sees them coming. Until they’ve sat you down in a chair,

sat on your lap, slapped your face, laughed mischievously, and then leaped into the

lap of another just as you’re getting used to it.


No, I’m not that poet. More a child like prodigy, though I’m a full grown man.

More an enigma, with Charlie Brown like profundity. You think I can’t hold

my bat, however, I am manager of a team of miscreants who never quite understood

The concept of We over Me.


This stage is our arena. Don’t step tritely into this atmosphere. It’s not a place

for borrowed thoughts, or narcissistic leanings. We’ll be gleaning precious fruit

from propagatory meanings. Basically, everyone gets fed; no one left for dead.


Like, media thought, where whole communities are misrepresented by sounds that

bite. They think they’re the Big Dogs and they’ve purchased the TIME, so they

own the MESSAGE.


Fact is, IMAGERY is not TRUTH. A large concept that it will take some a lifetime

to wrap their minds around. Which is why COMMERCIALS…and ISM’s, so deftly

reach into the pockets of your mind and pick and stimulate just the right impulse

that will send you flying into their world.


I mean, Diamond and  Pearls, with a Round the Way Girl? Who could resist? That

is futile…you’ve been assimilated by subconscious thought.


…and poets will be separating you from THOSE nanoprobes for the rest of your life.

So, never stop coming to a reading…or never stop seeking pages that aren’t on the

Best Seller List or part of Oprah’s Book Club.


Instead, consult writers themselves for their favorite TOMES…and hear the Drumbeat

Of a Distant Drummer or the Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner.


Find out it’s a Brave New World and that you better put on your Thinking Caps and

be rocking some Intellectual Property.


Which you can buy from me the Originator of this segment of thought…and yet

I will lead you to the many other artists, displayed in my Directory and be the first

one to tell you, you should buy from them.


See, I wasn’t raised to be a sell fish, piranha picking ideas from those who are wealthy in thought.


My mother flipped that page when she lost her ability to speak, walk, and move…and I there by

her side….and she gracious enough To let me help…and we walked in Arboretorial gardens and

saw the delightful dance of the purple primed Orchids and bravely challenged the mystery of the

jungle woods and I believed she was healed in the herbal mist that put a new twist on the modernity

of medicine with Ayurvedic principles for the length of life.


Lucky Baldwin introduced Pavos Cristus, the P Fowl in the late 1800’s. How Funky is

That? pre dating George Clinton by like 100 years and P, no, he didn’t,  by even more.

And shouldn’t we explore the botanical roots of our existence and perhaps find an alternative to

fossil fuels and endless shelving of pharmaceuticals?


Are these thoughts too radical? Like slavery and genocide in the Sudan and civil war

In Iraq. Better run for cover, better take sides, better divide…and…is that truly the

way to conquer…hate and fear.


Chew on these words and digest them slowly. It’s cornucopia time, just pull your

chair up to the Salad bar and pick and choose with Will. Just make room for your

Neighbor. This Celestial feast is Kindness and the last shall be first and the first shall be last.


There is a wedding, and there is a fountain dipped with blood drawn from Immanuel’s veins

and sinners plunged beneath the flood lose all their guilty stains.


© Kirk Parker