Sorrow comes
As a sea gull swooping.
Anchorless eyes
Search murky-green waters.
My soul adrift:
A tiny, bobbing boat.


Midnight ribbons
stretch out as ornaments
across the fog-horn night.
I am cast away
into the resplendent sea.
Aboard a magic-city,
I brace quivering legs
to dance the night rhythms
into afternoon shadows.

© Alice Parris

Bio: Alice Parris has been published in 35 anthologies in the U.K. She has been published in Explorers in India, as well as several magazines in Canada including Open Mind's Quarterly and Writer's Circle online. She is posted on various websites including Artistic Forum, and Raven Institute, and Eskimo Pie. She has completed her first book SOULGASM in 2004. In the beginning of 2005, it will be available at in the audio form. Excerpts of the book can be heard now by going to