Giving Respect 


I try to fit in 

No matter how hard it may be 

The people that surround me 

Are those that hate me and love me 


But I am also human  

I do my best to understand 

How I want to be treated

And how others want to be treated 


Everyone should be given

The chance to be heard

From those who oppose

And from the people that love them


We are not robots 

But people who arenŐt perfect

We make mistakes 

Ones we donŐt want to make 


We need to respect each other

To not make fun of each other

To be a part of society 

And to be heard 



Our Universal Language


Laughter is intangible 

But is necessary to embrace happiness

Laughter is contagious

To spread joy and postive feelings 


Laugher is medicine 

To reduce the feeling of stress

Laughter takes many forms

To appeal to each and every person


Laughter is universal 

Because everyone understands it 

Laughter is the key

To a more happy life 


© Vraj Patel


BIO: Vraj Patel held a pot before he could even speak. He loves to experiment with cooking utensils to create food for his family. If he is not cooking, then he is most likely daydreaming about videogames.