Pavarotti on the Ward

It’s impossible
This circus of noise

I’ve been living in chaos for days
Blaring TVs
Broken English
Screams at 3 AM
A litany of fear and anger
Interspersed with hour upon hour
Of mind-numbing boredom

I am terrified behind
A mask of complacency
Taking it all in
This crazy world
To which I am
A new citizen
Taking it one step at a time
With no respite
Until one night
When the voice of
Pavarotti fills the ward
Drowning out Get Smart reruns
And Telemundo soccer news
Cradling me like a
Mother’s loving arms
Rocking me to sleep
While my nurse tucks me in
And I dream of sugar-free lollypops
Dancing around my head


© R. D. Armstrong