Gale plopped down next to his brother on the couch. Liam looked up and then back at his phone. Feeling a buzz, Gale picked up his phone and read the text.




Gale glared at his brother, ÒIÕm sitting right next to you.  CouldnÕt you just have spoken?Ó


© Isabella Perez


Bio:  Isabella Perez has been writing throughout her entire life since the third grade. She has been perfecting her trumpeting skills since the age of 10 in hopes of  returning to Carnegie HallÕs stage. When she isnÕt practicing her music, she likes to cross stitch different scenes from places she has traveled to. From those travels, she has been inspired to create baked goods based on the local treats she has tasted. A life goal of hers is to fulfill her mother's dream to open up a bakery (since she never got the chance to) and bring joy to people through their stomachs. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in character.