Poets in Our Own Right 
                             [ For b.james ] 
he be sooo blue, 
       he is sky, 
he be sooo down. 
       he is earth, 
he be sooo sad, 
       he is tear, 
he be sooo cool, 
       he is wind, 
he be sooo dream, 
       he is mist, 
he be sooo warm, 
       he is sun, 
he be sooo magic, 
       he is moon, 
he be quivering vibration, 
       soothing wine filled soul, 
he be sharp hope 
       against blind eyes, 
he be spider hands weaving, 
       dancing web mystery, 
he be us, 
       all knowing riffs, 
scarred hand reaching out, 
       skin graft from burned to burned, 
stringing out reality 
       across night's pain, 
he be sooo cool, 
       ice embrace of our flame - b.james.. 

Copyright Phil Goldvarg   6/9/02