Reaching up, into the sky

Torches flying, beyond the clouds

Stealing flames, form on high

It's time to light the torch


Through the healing flames I fly

Bring it back to the ground

Flaming torch, held in my hands

Plunged into the shallow pool


It shall not return

But from the hands of my beloved

In her flesh alone, lies

The power. The wellspring

In her hands alone

Flames erupt from simple water

The healing fire of creation

Springs from beloved mortal hands


Power, to cure all ills

Power, to heal all pain

Immortal power, of the heart

Immortal strength, of our hearts


From our hearts,

To join our hearts,

And all our parts

All strength and power,


Comes from the heart.



Feel the swell

First comes the smell

I love so well

Never hard to tell


Next the wind

Never need that hint

Waiting for the glint

That brings on the next hint


Sky fills with bolts of light

To chase away the fright

Wish it could last all night

As if the sky were burning bright


Next comes the rolling thunder

Always brings a sense of wonder

And again in brings the hunger

Bleeding through the thunder


Tiny droplets upon my face

Freezing me in place

Sprinkling, fragrant misty haze

Love the cloudy, rainy days


Slowly, lift my gaze up to the sky

Close my eyes and feel as I can fly

Rain-tears crawling while I cry

Ignorant around question why


Rain, angelic tears falling from heaven

Cried by those who've given

All their love while living

And more as they watch from heaven


Now the storm is getting heavy

Like the breaking of the levy

In love and rain I'm standing steady

Giving all the love you'll let me


Rain keeps falling in a torrent

Almost like swimming against the currant

Smile at the ogling of the ignorant

And pray the waters are never spent


Let the rain come down forever

No, don't let it stop. Never

Can't let it end, not ever

Though I know that's not the answer


Storm gets lighter by the minute

How I love being in it

Now I know just how to win it

Making love with every minute


Now the storm it fully stops

In ecstasy I know I'm lost

The line we finally crossed

Soon our passion also stops


We walk through damp earth and wet trees

Feel the wondrously cool breeze

Scent and sight, amazing after-storm scene

People staring as if we had a disease


Lets stay in the rain for all time

Hiding from the storm should be a crime

Sharing a fragrant glass of wine

Taste of berry and a splash of lime

Feel your heart next to mine

I'll keep this moment for all time






Gazing at my heart's blood

Blazing, where we have stood

Now wondering if the fates would

Just open up their eyes


At times we're left to wander

But we stare with child-like wonder

While our hearts are torn asunder

Believing all the lies


Now running from their chases


Look down to cherubic faces

Just wishing to trade places

Knowing everybody dies


Vision going dim

Wishing on a whim

Living just to see them

All I hear are my own cries


Just give it all a whirl

Living only for my girls

To watch their dresses twirl

To see them in the light


See the eyes afire

Burning brighter than the pyre

Musical voices raised every higher

Hear it only in the night


Feel the love of only sisters

Spoken only in a whisper

As life keeps turning ever-faster

Strongest love for which we fight


Now to show them that it's me

Will they know just what they see?

Surely feel the love that be

Daddy's finally home tonight


Feel my loving arms around

Don't need to make a sound

Loving family's finally found

Now I'll never let them go


The search is finally over

Introduce you to your brother

We'll stay in love forever

Eternity of love and happiness to show







Before I walk

Learn to talk

Through bitterness again



Through the lies

Good friend dies

Will this ever mend?



In this pain

Ignore the shame

Does it ever end?



Back to life

Renew my sight

Fighting through the pain



My broken will

Life will fill

So much left to gain



I bow my head

To where life's led

No more throwing 'round the blame



On my knees

Make me bleed

Bleeding pain away



My face up high

Hear the cry

Of pain wrought from this game





To my feet

Let me see

The hell we've built today



from the ground

Make no sound

Watch as sinners pray



from this place

See your face

Presence keeps me sane





To the sky

Watch them die

She's dying anyway



What you feel

Let wounds heal

Crying out her name



For the now

Don't care how

This life of endless shame



The spirit rests

Passed the test

Hero of the day



This life no more

Through the door

Again I'm here to play



Through the stress

Don't repress

I am here to stay.



To my feet

Make you see

That I am here to stay



By my will

This life I fill

For I am here to stay



Don't care how

I'll show you now

That I am here to stay


Yes I am here to stay.

I rise, and I am here to stay!




Lost within the darkness

This light is growing dim

Lost within catharsis

Depression's welling up

Tunnel's end, point of light

Now facing all my demons

And this jacket's getting tight

Will it ever end?


Forced to face up, to my fears

Consumed by self-disgust

Wasted all these years

But might be for the best

Bringing up my darkest thoughts

Have to bring them to the fore

No longer hiding in the shadows

No more can I ignore


This time I just don't know

Can no longer say, just what life, has in store

Perhaps it's coming to an end

Perhaps our future is no more

Love of an angel

Patience of a saint

Betrayed, by your love

My secrets are a taint


You gave me all your heart

And all I gave was pain

You gave my life it's only taste of peace

But I made yours insane

Shattered all your hopes

Our dreams are ripped in twain


It started out so well

Our relation so fiducial

No matter, how great the love

Trust be just as crucial

Thought we had it made, thought it was so easy

Only now I see, our thinking was all wishful


But that's not to say it's hopeless

Say we do still have a chance

Can't bring myself to give up

Can't believe we had our last dance

It can't be just random

Refuse to say it's just happenstance


So lost without your love

I'm lost without you

Lost without my focal point

Just don't know what to do

I need you in my life

Without, chaos soon ensues

Insanity, dominating thought

Myself, the chaos will consume


Somehow, I keep it all together

Waiting till my hope dies

Still keeping it together

Listening, as my hope lies

Still trying to hold on

Screaming, as my hope cries

Just barely holding on

Soaring, now my hope flies


Flying ever-higher

Think I passed the test

Faith has been restored

Finally past the crest

Patience now rewarded

Waiting on the best

Battle mostly ended

Killing the unrest


Finally coming to the close

Of this darkest night

Tunnel's coming to an end

I finally see the light

Now lifting from the darkness

The world is growing bright

Glad for never giving up

Always standing up to fight

Never, ever give you up

Finally in my sight

End has finally come

Your back in my arms tonight

Hold you in my arms tonight






A dozen roses

For a dozen poses

You see the face of love

In the heavens, shining from above

Simply turn around, then perhaps you'll see

All those shining faces, belong alone to me


A dozen roses

Make a dozen doses

A heady balm for the pain

Made worse alone in the rain

Loneliness only gets worse

Relations getting so much more terse


A dozen roses

Represent a dozen losses

When it rains it pours

Stopped long ago, the keeping of the score

Will the torture ever end?

Will our hearts ever mend?


A dozen roses

Now a dozen ruses

Kept thinking it was over

Then running for cover

So sick of all the lies

Each time a little piece dies


A dozen roses

Turned into a dozen crosses

Such a burden we bore

Glad for it, gladder that it's over

Knew we could endure

Now nothing to look to but the future

We finally made it through

So glad I always knew

We'd get here. Never gave up

Now can't stop feeling like I'm on top

of the world.

You're my heart and my soul

At last I'm finally whole






Love never blinds

It merely opens one's eyes

To see through the lies

And reaching for the skies


Nothing gets you higher

Than wading through the mire

Intensity of emotional fire

A beauty purer than the perfect chords of a lyre


Love never deafens

But teaches life's best lessons

With it your pain lessens

But it's a thin line between love and obsession


True love can cure your fears

And sweeten all you hear

Keep your love near

To help soothe all your tears


True love can never harm

Real love cannot be torn

And will not leave forlorn

The true love that is honestly born


Cupid's arrow, shot before the womb

Lasts far beyond the tomb

Love has no death, no doom

Only question, how long it takes to bloom


True love will always win

One way or another, in the end

Like the greatest drug, it makes your world spin

It's all according to the cosmic plan

Acts of love could never be sin


But there really is no room to bend

For the heart will always win

It always gets it's way

In love you'll forever stay


Though you might feel the urge to play

Til your heart joins the fray

For cupid's victims cannot stay away

That's just the way it is, today and forever


Your love can never

Ever leave. No, not ever

True love will always last forever\

Eternally joined together

Two as one, in this life and any others

Together in love forever and ever.


Angelic wings, up above

Demonic faces, down below

From the heavens, floats my perfect dove

But from the depths, injustices we know


Pink-faced and innocent, daughter of my love

Yet still surviving, horrors you've been shown

Loving life and living love

My amazement, how you've grown

Wearing angelic light just like a glove

While I've been living in a shroud


But still I stand and fight

Pushing through the crowd

That keeps me, in the dark of night

Angry voices screaming, screaming oh so loud

Pushing, screaming, raging, fighting for the light

Nothing will stop, me turning this around

Now we'll finally make it right

And soon you'll know, just how much you make me proud






All alone I hear the sound

Voices shriek inside my head

Listlessly I stumble

Inside my head I wander


World just keeps spinning all around

Doppelgangers living in my stead

Never know just when I'll crumble

Insanities I still ponder


Surprised I'm not yet in the ground

Still supplying daily bread

Still hearing whispered mumbles

That leave me staring in wonder


The source I still have not found

Face the terror of my dead

Head bashed in with a dumbell

With result nothing fonder


Perhaps one day I'll be crowned

Worshiped by my dread

Brains feel like a gum ball

The thing must be a goner


Reverence of the drowned

This mind of mine be fed

To the remains of a sun doll

Modeled after Steve Bonner


Our power has been downed

Faces stained bloody red

Your only company a fun doll

Is there anyone dumber?


Sniffed out by the hound

Put the kids to bed

Building up the dung wall

But destroyed by crashing thunder


Now I'm buried beneath the mound

My body's finally dead

After being hung tall

To satisfy maggot hunger


Making not a sound

Now my spirit's dead

Too, and twisted from the fall

Now I'm six feet under

Underneath the ground

With soul that's dead

Dead as the bitter fall

Dead and torn asunder

Dead with demons all around


Screaming for my head




I don't want to rain on your parade

I'm just not that kind

But your life is a charade

Long ago you left it all behind


Keep looking back on better days

And keep on crossing lines

You continue making noise

But I'm so tired of listening to you whine


What happened to your past

Was it all a lie

Unbelievably crass

Aren't you ready to die?


Thinking thoughts so nasty

Sensibilities run and hide

Your world so fake and plastic

But it's time to open up your eyes


I don't mean to rain on your parade

But your life is not what you thought

Just watch as your reality fades

And see your wife is not what you thought


Demons knocking at the gate

Frozen hells, at last begin to thaw

Devils flying in your face

Angels fall to earth, can barely crawl

Now end your life in Thrace

Body arranged, just like a porcelain doll

Finally put into your place

No time to walk before you fall


I'm sorry I had to be the one to rain on your parade

but no one else ever spoke the truth

I had to put an end to your charade

And leave your ego darkly bruised

I'm sorry to leave your self-image so flayed

And your mind feeling so used

But you had to be the one to get played

Just did what I had to do

So now I'm here to stay

And the rest is up to you






Have you ever had

A bomb dropped into your lap

From out of nowhere

Like a heart-stab

Suddenly your whole world is flipped

Flipped up on its head

Down is up and up is down

All forward motion is dead


First, life is in slow motion

Then, the movie that has become your life

Is just on pause

And reality feels wiped

You hear the words

But it just can't be real

'This can't be happening,' you scream

Still feels so surreal


But three days later they're still gone

And you're feeling like film spinning on a broken reel

After a month you finally have to admit

That the conversation was actually real

Still doesn't feel it

But it must be true

Your girl is still gone

And new daughter still not with you


How, and why did this happen

Why did family have to leave

Officers wouldn't say who

And it makes you feel to scream

But you still can't fight through

This feeling that it's all just a dream


Screaming accusations fly

And of course it's all a bunch of crap

Of course the law is on your side

So you're sure that soon this all will stop


Along comes the interrogation

Now wasn't that fun

And of course they think they know

Exactly what you've done

Fools, they say they know

And label you a monster

'It wasn't me,' you scream

'It was an impostor!'


But no one is listening to your pleas

They simply won't hear it

'You're going straight to prison'

'And you better fear it'

Is all they have to say

No matter how you refuse

And your only crime

Was being a recluse


But no one listens

And your pain is unbearable

But still no one listens

This torture is unendurable


Into the arms of another woman you fall

For the comfort your girl cannot provide

It isn't that you don't love her

But in the torment she too lives

Makes it difficult to talk

She just doesn't get it

Try to talk again

The fear and pain she fed it


But the new girl

A friend tried and true

Known for quite a time

Shows you something new

Not dwelling on the pain

She shows you something true


Emotional pain has no limit

But the physical goes only so far

And inflicting a little blood

The heart a little less torn apart


Not a great relief

But just lifting up the dust

Shoulder-breaking burden just a little lighter

Plus the pain incites your hibernating lust


When does pleasure become pain?

And pain become pleasure?

And at what point

Does pain become a treasure?

Take some advice

And learn to treasure

Treasure the pain

Alongside the pleasure


Without that skill

You'll never weather

The raging hellstorm

will leave you deader

Deader than dead

Deader than undeath


Body without a mind

Just an empty shell in the end

You'd better hold tight

To whatever makes you you

Or the trials to come

Are likely to kill all that's you


Hang on to your faith

If you have any to start

For the test that's coming

Could tear it all apart


With help your getting by

Living day by day

Barely get through work

Just can't focus in that way

For you know what's coming

You've felt it all along

No such thing as justice

Learned it from your father's song


Therefore it comes as no surprise

The night you get the call

Buddy called to tell you

'Tonight's the night you fall'

But you heard it first

From your girl in her wail

She didn't say aloud

But she gave her telling tell

So you know tonight

You'll be on your way to jail

For a crime that never happened

Can't help feeling like a failure


Don't run, don't hide

Honor demands you face it boldly

Nobody else gets it, but you respond coldly

To any suggestion of flight

Doing it not for them

But only for yourself

You'll face it honorably

Even when the law puts you in a cell on a shelf


You'll continue to fight

No, you'll never hide

And no, they'll never touch

Your honor or your pride


So you'll keep on snapping

Like a mouse caught by the tail

And nevermind

If you were meant to fail

Keep on fighting

A sparrow in the gale

Never give up

Stubborn as all hell

Never stop the fight

Even when flesh is turning pale

Yes, it's a losing battle

But that is another tale


Kevin Potter


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