Reaching the point

When institutions dissolve

Seek the continuing flame


Hungering and thirsting

You shall be nourished

You shall be quenched


Long for what burns bright

It is our most precious resource




Black Out the Light That Shines Through the Fog


Darkness, as dense as unbounding desire

Ripened fruit freeze as they hang on the vine

Gather in the field for you love the dampness


Mourners engrossed in resurrecting the dead

Worthless jewelry sworn to be gold

Black out the light that shines through the fog


Faces turned away at the sight of his success

Gifted painters thought of as inferior

Stand in the shadows since you crave the obscurity


Con artists worshiped as though they were kings

Wickedness and evil reins throughout the land

Black out the light that shines through the fog






All the days in the year

Each snowflake that falls

Varied aspects of women's beauty

His triumph over adversity

The wonder in a child's eyes

An old man's story of redemption

Of all this and so much more




The Quest


Idealistic visions of fathers before

Epic journeys to far away lands

Brave warriors remaining true to the cause

Determined people performing desperate deeds


Illusions of a grandiose nature

Kingdoms that lie beyond the horizon

Battles waged by sons against brothers

Small scale achievements for high priced objectives





One day you will obtain the goal


Richard Puglisi


Bio: I am a retired IT professional that has returned to writing after a forty year absence. My poems have been published by Literary Yard and Vita Brevis Press.  Website: He can be contacted at