You Are the Song


This song is about 


you.  Strong  man  fearing  no man. 


King, you  are the song. 







Caressing each other with our eyes, 


our bodies begin to tingle. 


No words spoken,  not even one touch,


feeling mesmerized. 


Our  inner selves harmonizing with each 


other, taking over, we have no control. 


If this could only last forever, putting 


the rest of the world on hold. 






Pity  Party


Trapped inside myself, wallowing in self 


pity. Looking for a way out, I am my own 


worst enemy.


Yearning for things that seem so 


unrealistic keeps gnawing at my brain. 


Tossing and turning in bed at night, 


driving myself insane. 


Life is not always perfect, this moment 


is only  temporary. Mama said there 


would be days like this, just put a 


bandage on it. 


Time  heals all wounds.


Queen  P 


Bio:  My name is  Queen P and I reside in  New York. I enjoy writing poetry that sends encouragement  and positivity to the reader. I hope to publish poetry books in the near future. Please follow me on Instagram @queenppoetry123.