Marks in Red


The big test had just passed.

I sat down

awaiting my fate.

My hands began to shake

like I was freezing.


Finally I received the paper

filled with red pen all over.

I fell in shock as

my head banged against the table.

My teacher shook her head

and walked away.


This wasnÕt how I had planned

it to be.

Wishing to be forgiven

by my teacher.


However there was so much

to do in a small amount

of time from other teachers.

One bad score wonÕt hurt.

IÕll make it up somehow.


© John Paolo Quimosing


Bio: John Paolo Quimosing has been using math his whole life.  From using his fingers to add and subtract to finding the volume of a donut about the x-axis, he applies the concepts daily. That's why he even keeps track of the number of points and assists that each player on the Lakers has.